Telehealth Visit

In an effort to protect our patients and staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are now offering telehealth visits to our patients. To participate in telehealth visits you need to be enrolled in our patient portal and have access to either a smart phone, tablet or computer with a camera and audio capabilities.

Follow the steps below to prepare for your Telehealth Visit:

Sign Up/ Enroll on the Patient Portal (If you are already registered and know your portal information you can skip this first step.)

    1. -Contact our office at 614-754-5600 to let us know you’d like to enroll in the portal, we will make sure we have an updated email and send you a welcome to portal email.
    2. -If you know your log in information, go to our patient portal website by clicking on this link: Ohio Gastro Portal or by clicking on the portal icon at
    3. -If you are registering for the portal for the first time click the link in the Welcome Link in the email you received from our office

Now that you have successfully registered and logged into the patient portal, please complete the available questionnaires: New Patient Questionnaire and Weight Loss Questionnaire. Prior to your visit you will receive a call from one of our staff members to make sure you have completed the questionnaire and to ask you a few brief health questions, the call will be from 614-754-5500, please make every effort to answer this call.

It is time to get ready for your Telehealth visit.

Follow the following instructions if you are logging on to your visit via a laptop or desktop computer:

  • -If you are accessing your telehealth visit from a laptop or desktop computer (you must have a webcam and audio capabilities to do this), you will need to click the link you received in your telehealth confirmation email at the time of your scheduled visit. Below is an example of what the email will look like:
  • -Once you click the link to Join the Telemed Appointment, you will be asked a few brief questions and then will see a screen that says hold for physician. Once the physician joins the visit you will connect and be able to visually see and hear one another.

If you are accessing the Telehealth visit from a smart phone follow the following instructions:

-Download healow app on your phone.

-Search for our practice by entering the practice code: ABBCBD


-Log into healow app with your patient portal username and password.

-Go to the appointments tab on healow app and click on it










-In the My Appointments section, click on the Televisit icon under the appointment time.










-Click on the Start Televisit button on the bottom of the screen.










-You will be asked a few vitals questions, such as your temperature, and blood pressure. If you do not have any vitals to enter please just select “submit vitals” and skip to the next page.


-Once vitals have been submitted, click on Start Televisit.










-Once you click State Televisit, your physician will be notified that you are ready for the visit. You will then be connected to your doctor.