Exceptional Care

At Ohio Gastro, our team of physicians and support staff is dedicated to providing the most comfortable, personalized experiences possible for our patients. Our team members are carefully chosen for their professional qualifications and their commitment to providing exceptional care that lives up to our reputation for quality.


Special Appointments & Leadership Roles

Our physicians are involved in a variety of professional organizations that give them opportunities to advocate for and affect positive change in the healthcare industry. Ohio Gastro doctors also accept leadership roles at local area hospitals, which allows them to assist in peer reviews, monitor the professional performance of medical staff members, develop and implement departmental programs, and organize professional activities that ensure continual quality improvements and encourage innovation.

Dr. Mark Stechschulte – 2013 President of the Columbus Medical Association (CMA), www.goodhealthcolumbus.org/cmaf/about/

Dr. Victor Jochem – Membership Committee Chair for the Ohio Gastroenterology Society (OGS), www.ohiogisociety.com

Dr. James Edison – Section Chief of Gastroenterology at Mount Carmel Medical Center

Dr. Seth Hoffman – Section Chief of Gastroenterology at Mount Carmel Hospital East

Dr. Gregory Gibbons – Department Chair, Section of Gastroenterology at Riverside Methodist Hospital

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